Client: MEGA Belaya Dacha INGKA Centers
Shopping weeks:
+ 42% in sales in the faltering shopping mall segment
Help the shopping mall to regain people traffic and restore the decreased sales (the mall was reconstructed and some of the stores experienced revenue descreаses).
We came up with an idea if crating an unusual shop & win contest: at least a 1 cent purchase had to be made, so that the contestant could participate in the game.

After showing a purchase receipt, the participant receives a vending machine token which can already give them a small prize in a special capsule. Each week the promo area is managed by different tenants, selling jewelry, clothing, real-estate and household goods, etc. So their product range is the prize fund itself.

Along with the stores certificates, coupons and discounts, the small capsule could even contain a diamond ring!

As a result, all these activities led to a great sales stimulation. The participant stores sales increased
up to 42%
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