Client: MEGA Adygea-Kuban INGKA Centers
Immersive performance: "Confronting feelings"
Our goal was to attract lots of public attention to a new art project and attain maximum PR coverage of the event. Moreover, we managed to attract even those MEGA mall visitors who were previously not interested at all, so that people could consider MEGA not only as a nearby shopping mall, but also a leisure activities platform.
Divided into 4 zones, the exhibition mirrored each of the human senses. Each zone left a visitor without one of their senses – touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste, which they could later regain one by one.
Prior to the performance, we sent out a mysterious teaser invitation – it was a letter from a stranger accompanied by a black glove, hand-painted by the artist. The show took place after 10 pm at night in a deserted shopping center. The guests were received the special props: face masks, headphones and gloves. Each set had one of four different colors, dividing them into 4 teams accordingly.
The guests had to lose all their senses after putting on their special sets, they had to follow their trusted guides and commence their art journey through the exhibition. Full immersion into the experience was achieved by adding the enigmatic audio guide which gave instructions and lured the visitors into the depth of their senses.
About 760 000 people enjoyed the performance, the attendance rate has exceeded our expectations by 90%!

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