Client: Playrix
Playrix summer picnic
in 8 cities of Europe and Russia
Playrix, the N1 mobile games developer in the world, has offices in dozens of cities around the globe. Considering all pandemic restrictions, it was vital to reunite the employees with a simple and close-knitting event, to ensure that despite the long distance, we all share the same thoughts and emotions, we all stay close.
Simultaneous events were held in 8 cities: Dublin, Kharkiv, Kiev, Minsk, Voronezh, Murmansk, Moscow, and St. Petersburg. The idea of being on the same page with colleagues was a theme which resonated through all the activities – making photos in a special zone, decorated manually by the Playrix employees, playing glucophones and other quite unusual musical instruments during the special workshops, barbecuing and playing sports.
Invitation and small souvenirs
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