Client: OTP Bank
Just dooy it!
Sport event for OTP-bank
A bank is quite a serious organization, no kidding – everything should be strict and clear. But its employees just want to have fun! This is why we came up with an idea to organize a family sports event – you can party all day long and take a break from work, enjoying quality time with your nearest and dearest.
The event slogan is Just dooy it! which instantly brings to mind the Nike slogan and portrays the feeling when you catch your breath, exhale.

We managed to mix sports and fun, and the traditional volleyball and football matches between colleagues were spiced up with a number of “inflatable” activities.

The team supported our concept at every step – from copyrighting to official opening: there wasn’t any red ribbon cut on stage, we had a big inflatable bodybuilder welcoming the participants!

All this fun ended with a great foam party with soap bubble balloons.
600 satisfied participants
3 lost cleats
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