Client: Megafon
The mobile operator’s anniversary party
We created an entire “city” of MegaFonville with a huge offline Monopoly board game, where each participant could master an unusual profession. All that to create a warm and positive atmosphere to introduce MegaFon colleagues from different locations to each other.
Event participants faced challenges and completed numerous tasks to earn the special tokens – megacoins – to spend them afterwards on treats, photoshoots and other entertainment activities.

We couldn’t leave everybody without sport activities. We made sure to exclude any topics or interactions that could embarrass the participants, considering their diversity.

What is an evening without the music? It all ended with a cover band performing the guests’ favorite hits and an auction where the participants could obtain valuable gifts in exchange for their megacoins.
Map of MegaFonville
400 participants
8900 megacoins earned
+297 Instagram followers on the MegaFonville page.
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