Client: 7 Day`s
The goal was to raise awareness about the 7Days brand by diving into this basketball theme, to show everyone the company’s active position and build the partners’ loyalty to the brand.
Just a week before the EuroCup final in a Russian city of Krasnodar, we kickstarted this 7Days promotional event with a promo area, where each and every visitor could take a photo with the European Cup itself or with the funny troll mascot of the finalist team, Locomotive.

Moreover, we organized autograph session with the team players at the 7Days stand, which attracted lots of public attention. The visitors had also a chance to play arcade basketball, which turned out to be a great pleasure.

We couldn’t leave anyone without the most famous 7Days attribute – their croissants, which were handed out to all croissant-lovers. Boris Miroshnichenko, our famous sportscaster, entertained the audience with engaging interactive activities.

On the final match day, when Krasnodar’s Locomotive and Turkish Daryushsafaka were to fight for the Cup, we put the 7Days promo area right in the heart of the Basket Hall, where the game took place. It was a blast!
More than 4000 people participated in the organized activities; 35000 croissants were consumed by the 7Days promo area visitors. Just have a look at these amazing photos and decide for yourself!

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