Client: METROPOLIS Shopping mall
League of Eco-heroes
Who says superheroes only exist in the movies? Everyone can become an eco-hero! All you need is to start sorting garbage and eating properly.
We constructed an eco-system in the central atrium of the shopping mall;

The main event sponsor – the Sobirator company – organized the rare garbage items collection, awarded points for sorting the trash. These points served as a currency for purchasing the special eco-goods displayed on the exhibition.

Tommy Hilfiger workshop was a place where the visitors could repair and customize their clothes;

We could also enjoy the art of Kirill Umrikhin’s photography during the exhibition called “There is still something to salvage.”

The participants could exchange their Metropolis app points for great merchandised eco-goods;

Ecoline, one of the event’s partners, organized its own exhibition as well;

Asya Mitskevich, an eco-activist and “Asya and the Plastic World” book author, did not miss an opportunity to meet her readers and present her handmade art.
Special «Eco-heroes» illustration set
Installation about environmental pollution
More than 3000 people took part in organized eco-activities, ~70% of them never had the sorting garbage experience and never thought of slow fashion ideas. This was their first time!
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