Client: Kirill Kombarov
Club by Kirill Kombarov
Develop a concept for a private school founded by Kirill Kombarov, a Russian football player.

This school brand was created to honor Kirill Kombarov: we conducted a market research, created a positioning style, brand name, slogan and corporate identity, as well as the whole brand platform.
The school name is SSS, which stands for Skill Sport School. We believe, it portrays the idea that people need education to achieve their goals.
Aimed at children audience, the brand creates a desire to be involved in the school concept. Their mascot is a dinosaur named Combasaurus, which has the founder’s name in it.
The school is expected to open in 2025. The focus group testing results proved that parents believe in the brand, and their children are already looking forward to becoming part of the team.

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