Client: MEGA Belaya Dacha INGKA Centers
Shopping weeks:
+ 42% in sales in the faltering shopping mall segment
Regain traffic and restore sales volumes which have decreased due to the low visiting figures (due to the reconstruction of the shopping center a number of stores witnessed decreases in their operations).
We developed an unusual shop & win formula: in order to participate a shopper must make a purchase of at least 1 cent.

Upon presenting his/her purchase confirmation in the form of a receipt, the participant receives a token for a vending machine, guaranteeing the shopper to win a small capsule with a prize
Each week the “promo” area is taken up by tenants who sell jewelry, clothing, real-estate, household products and so on. The prize fund is made up of their product range.

The capsules contain various value cards: for example, during the “jewelry week” the contestants had the opportunity of winning a diamond ring, store certificates, as well as coupons and discounts for gifts in return for their purchases.

The large number of discount coupons ensured return visits to the stores and stimulated buying.
The respective sale figures in the participating stores saw increases of
up to 42%
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