Client: METROPOLIS Shopping mall
League of Eco-heroes
Not everyone is capable of doing things like superhero movies, but everyone can become an eco-hero. All you need is to start sorting garbage and consciously consume food.
Eco-friendly development in the central atrium

The main partner - the Collector - organized the collection of “rare” fractions, gave out points for the delivered garbage, with which you can buy eco-goods

Tommy Hilfiger workshop for repairing and customizing things

Exhibition of photographer Kirill Umrikhin “We have something to save”

A useful commercial that can be exchanged for points in the Metropolis app
Exhibition from Ecoline partner

Author's merch from an eco-activist, author of the book “Asya and the plastic world” Asi Mickiewicz
Special «Eco-heroes» illustration set
Installation about environmental pollution
More than 3,000 people took part in eco-activities, almost 70% of them had never sorted garbage before and did't think about slow fashion
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