Client: “Okeaniya” Shopping Center and “Khorosho” Shopping Center!
New Year collaborative campaign with Disney

In “Okeaniya” and “Khorosho” shopping malls we launched a New Year's campaign "It would be nice to get into a fairy tale!" - a collaboration with Disney, timed to the release of the Russian film "The Last Warrior: A Messenger of Darkness". We managed to prepare the creative concept and design, which were agreed upon immediately.
We created a photo zone with big-eyed birches (characters from the film). This was not just a photo zone, but also a functional area: you could sit on a stump and charge your phone!

We launched a creative process of giving gifts for purchases using an advent calendar. A participant twisted a "saucer with a blue border" (character from the film), and then opened a special window in a "high-rise building on chicken legs" (character from the film).

We decorated a gift-giving zone where our outstanding girls in Russian traditional “kokoshniks” (hats) gave out gifts to the visitors.

We designed “fairytale” merch: an expander for strength, a lollipop sword (not to be confused with a magic sword), jam from a special berry from the fairytale, a sticker pack, pop sockets.

We launched a mini-event to scale and raise awareness of our useful marketing service.
Fairytale gifts
Disney offered to scale our ideas and concepts to all cities where the promo event would take place. This is why we are extremely proud of this project!
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