Client: MEGA Adygea-Kuban INGKA Centers
Immersive performance: "Confronting feelings"
To attract public attention to a new art project.
Attain maximum PR coverage.
Stimulate the interest of alien target client groups for MEGA.
To form the image of MEGA as a platform for leisure activities.
The exhibition was divided into 4 zones, each of which developed upon one of the human senses.

We organized a closed event for opinion leaders of target client groups uncharacteristic to MEGA. They created the first immersive performance in the mall, in which the guests were deprived of all their senses, which they later regained one at a time.

Prior to the performance, a teaser was sent out to the guests: a letter from a stranger and a black glove hand-painted by an artist. The show took place after 22:00 at night in the “deserted” MEGA shopping center. The guests were given the necessary props: eye and face masks, headphones and second pairs of gloves. Each “set” was one of four colors – thus dividing the guests into 4 respective teams.

Having put on all the objects and having been deprived of sight, smell, touch, and hearing, the guests trusted their guides and went on a journey through the art site. Full immersion into the concept was enhanced by a mysterious audio guide that guided the groups and helped them understand how important each of their senses was.

Thanks to the teaser advertising campaign and the interesting form of the event, all the following social media posts of the event by prominent bloggers were free.
760 000 people saw the posts and stories from the performance, and the attendance of the exhibition turned out to exceed the expected figure by 90%.
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