Client: OTP Bank
Just dooy it!
Sport event for OTP-bank
A bank is a serious organization where there is no place for jokes — everything should be clear. And employees want to have fun! So that everyone could let off steam and have fun, we created the idea of a family sports festival where you could have fun all day without a break.
Creative idea of the event: Just dooy it! (An untranslatable pun, consonant with the Nike slogan and means catch your breath, exhale)

We managed to combine sports with emotions and fun. In addition to the traditional competitions between the bank's volleyball and football teams, a number of "inflatable" activities were held.

The concept was supported at all points of contact — from copyright to official opening: instead of cutting the ribbon on stage, a real bodybuilder inflated and burst a hot water bottle.

The holiday ended with a large-scale launch of soap bubble balloons.
600 satisfied participants
3 lost cleats
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