Client: Kirill Kombarov
Club by Kirill Kombarov
Develop the concept of a private school under the guidance of football player Kirill Kombarov
The brand of this private school was developed for the endeavor of popular football player Kirill Kombarov: market research was conducted; a positioning style, brand name, slogan, and a corporate identity were created; the brand platform was fully designed.

The name of the school is embedded in the abbreviation SSS, which portrays the dynamic business.

The slogan “Study! Ready! Goal!” paraphrases a popular sports slogan and demonstrates that, in order to achieve goals, one first needs to receive an education.
The brand is aimed at children, it builds a desire to be involved in the brand of the school. The mascot of the school is a dinosaur, which was given the name Combasaurus, which, in turn, was able to further connect the founder's personal brand with all school activities.
The school is expected to open in 2025. The results of the focus group showed that parents have confidence in the brand, and children have an interest and desire to become part of the team
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