Client: 7 Day`s
To raise awareness for the 7Days brand through the sportive (basketball) theme, to emphasize the company’s active and positive image, to increase the loyalty of partners to the company.
A week before the Eurocup final in Krasnodar (Russia), we kickstarted 7Days’ promotional event and promo area, where each visitor had an opportunity to take a photo with the European Cup or with the mascot of the Locomotive club (the finalist team).

Autograph sessions with Lokomotiv players were held at the 7Days stand. There was also an interactive zone where visitors could play arcade basketball.

The 7Days’ promoters handed out croissants to the visitors, and the famous sports presenter Boris Miroshnichenko entertained the audience with interactive activities.

On the day of the game, when Krasnodar’s Locomotive and Turkey’s Daryushsafaka had to determine who would win the European Cup, the 7Days promo area was located right in the heart of the main event – the Basket Hall, which is where the game took place.

Before the game and during the breaks between periods, visitors were able to take photos with the trophy in the photo zone, play arcade basketball, and receive free croissants from the 7Days’ promoters.
More than 4,000 participants in the activities; 35,000 croissants were distributed to the visitors of the 7Days’ promo area.
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